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Traditional Spanish tapas recipes

Easy recipes for traditional Spanish tapas. Tapas can be eaten at any time of the day. Try these Spanish tapas recipes. Most are easy to make and very tasty. This list contains a large proportion of recipes for vegetarian tapas. Use tapas as a starter to a meal, offer your friends and family a meal based on tapas food, accompanied by a bottle of rioja

A selection traditional Spanish tapas

Marinated salmon - Ceviche de salmon tapas recipe
This is a traditional tapas from Andalucia consists of thinly-sliced raw fish soused in marinade usually citrus based for various periods according to taste. The acidity of the marinade ‘cooks’ the fish.

A selection of traditional Spanish "tapas"
Pork brochettes - Pinchos morunos tapas recipe
At any village fiesta throughout Spain Pinchos morunos a spicy legacy of the Moors, are grilled and sold in the street to revelers.
Chickpea and pimiento toasts -Tostas con garbanzos y pimientos tapas recipe
Chickpeas. with their characteristically nutty flavour, are a staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that were brought to Spain by the Moors. Canned chickpeas are far quicker and easier to use than dried ones, which need to be soaked overnight and boiled.
Additional classic traditonal tapas recipes from Spain
Swordfish steak with orange and almonds Huevos a la Flamenca
Scallops with lime and crab Jamon croquetas (croquette)
Chicken in batter with honey and mustard Refried kidney beans
Gambas Pil Pil (Prawns Pil Pil)  

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