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Spain gastronomy – the culture and food of Spain

The cuisine of Spain is amazingly varied. The gastronomy varies by region dramatically.

The gastronomy in Spain is heavily influenced by the different cultures which have passed through the Iberian peninsula: Roman, Visigoth, and Arabic. Other major influences are the Phoenicians, the Greeks and important events such as the discovery of the Americas. For this, Spanish cooking is rich in flavour and aromas.

Of all the mentioned events, the ones that have had the most influence on Spanish gastronomy are:

• The Roman Invasion. They developed wine, oil and wheat production. Part of this production was exported to other areas of the Roman Empire.

• The Invasion of the Moors. They contributed their knowledge of water management for agriculture to what the Romans had left. They also introduced oranges, lemons, rice and aubergines to Spain.

• The discovery of the Americas. The Spanish brought from the Americas: potatoes, maize, cocoa, tomatoes, and peppers. All of these products form a part of our current gastronomy.

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