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Alicante city travel guide - see also hotels in Alicante. We have property available to rent around Alicante for your holiday in Alicante.

In Alicante the bars are friendly and unassuming; its sights quiet and peaceful. Stroll along Alicante’s narrow streets and the bustling Costa Blanca seem a million miles away.

For years, Alicante airport has been one of the cheapest and most convenient access points to the baking sunshine of Spain’s south-eastern coast.

However, while hordes do indeed descend on the coastal resorts and apartment blocks that stretch like dominoes up the Costa Blanca, the city of Alicante has been spared.

It remains a very Spanish city: English is rarely understood by the locals, let alone printed on menus; authentic tapas is available everywhere; the narrow streets of the barrio still hide surprises and reward exploration; and the bars are small, friendly places.


There are good beaches nearby, too, a lively nightlife in season and plenty of cheap places to stay and to eat. See hotels near Postiguet beach Alicante.

The cathedral in Alicante was, like many Christian buildings, built on the remains of a mosque see also hotels near Alicante cathedral and festivals in Alicante

Postiguet beach Alicante.

The Amerigo is in a prime location as it backs on to the barrio, the old quarter in Alicante. Here are half a mile of narrow streets, crammed with bars and restaurants. Most of the area is free from cars, which means it always feels quiet and inviting, and the architecture reaches back to the 18th century.

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